Each of us possesses
the divine gift for
Utilizing wholesome and family-friendly methods,
the birth of my program stems from a
desire to offer every child access to integrative
medical guidance and applications.
40 years of pediatric practice including emergency medicine, hospital/urgent care and integrative medical practices in city/suburban settings, US and international work; listed as America’s Top 10 Pediatricians by Consumer Reports (2006-2012)


Co-Founder and Executive Director of GMOScience: A website dedicated to the science of GMOs and their associated pesticides with a lens on health


Advisor, “Protect Nature Now”: A forward-thinking global project focused on genetic engineering and our microorganisms with Jeffrey Smith


Independent practitioner with Gordon Medical: A medical center geared for the care of patients with complex, chronic disorders.


Advisor, National Association of Environmental Medicine (NAEM) – An organization dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge regarding environmental medicine for medical practitioners

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Advisor, Made Safe: A comprehensive human health certification evaluating consumer product categories in identifying safe vs. toxic via laboratory certification

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Advisor, The Heartland Study: A medical research project occurring at 13 states in America’s Heartland region studying the impacts of herbicide exposure during pregnancy and early childhood

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Advisor, Documenting Hope: A nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention and reversal of chronic health and developmental conditions in children

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  • $ 49.00  

    • Weekly one hour Zoom meetings on specific child-focused topics, Dr. Perro lecturing for 15 minutes followed by open Q&A. The sessions will be recorded and can be accessed by members for listening when not able to attend the live sessions

  • $ 234  

    • *All the benefits of the one month membership
    • *Plus access to the powerpoint presentation to accompany the weekly Zoom meetings
    • *Plus access to member-only ‘special topics’ lectures and blogs

  • $ 348  

    • *All the benefits of the six month membership
    • *Assist in deciding course material through poll requests
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